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Latest News


ABMDR is implementing a form ‘Reasons for choosing an overseas donor’. Transplant centres are requested to completing this form when submitting the prescription/work-up request or cord shipment request to the ABMDR Search Coordination Unit. This form is now available on the website under Chapter 7 (118) of the Donor and Patient Management page or on the forms page.

This new form supersedes the form ‘Survey – reasons to choose an international cord’ number ABMDR-FRM-CBIS-name-021-01.

This survey is necessary, as the ABMDR expects increasing scrutiny by government on the effectiveness of the Australian donor pool (the cord blood questions are already required as a reporting measure under our funding agreement). We need to be in a position to answer the questions around changes in donor utilisation rates that will inevitably be asked.

We also think it is valuable to share any information we collect with you, initially six months of data will be analysed around May 2015 and results will be made available. Please contact me for more information or to provide feedback.





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