ABMDR structure


The National Office Team

The Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) National Office has a number of interdependent areas which are responsible for ensuring that the registry performs its purpose with the highest standards of quality.

These areas are:

Medical & Search: Day-to-day search activities and clinical support

Operations: Network relationships, operations and governance, quality and research ethics

IS Development: Development of new ABMDR systems

IS Production Systems: Operations, support and maintenance of all ABMDR systems in production environments

Finance: Finance support to all areas of ABMDR financial reporting and governance

All areas within the ABMDR National Office work closely together and are accountable to the Chief Executive Officer and the ABMDR Board. The Board and the ABMDR are governed by the ABMDR Constitution.

ABMDR Network

The ABMDR relies on its network to being able to help patients and donors.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Bone Marrow Donor Centres: The donor centres are responsible for the management of the donor panel including recruitment, counselling and advocacy to the donors at all stages of the donation process.

Tissue typing laboratories: The tissue typing centres provide HLA typing services on patients and donors. They provide expert advice on tissue typing matters and a dedicated search coordinator to manage searches on behalf of patients requiring family and unrelated donor searches.

Transplant centres: The transplant centres provide transplant services for Australian patients needing bone marrow transplantation. They care for the patients and via the local search coordinator initiate the search for suitably matched donors through the ABMDR.

Collection and apheresis centres: The collection and apheresis centres collect the blood stem cells from the volunteer ABMDR donors prior to transplant. In collaboration with the donor centres, the staff counsel the donors before the collection, perform a physical assessment and ensure the donor is well before discharge.

AusCord cord blood banks: AusCord cord blood banks manage the donation of umbilical cord blood units. They counsel the volunteer mothers, collect, process, store and release cord blood units for public use. The cord blood banks operate within a strict Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) regulatory framework.

ABMDR Committees

The Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry has established a number of advisory and expert committees which provide guidance and policy advice to the Board and the ABMDR.

  • Cord Blood National Management Committee (CBNMC)
  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SEAC)
  • Cord Blood Operational Committee (AusCord)
  • Gift Fund Committee
  • Research Governance Committee