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Strength to Give

Strength to Give Update 09/04/2020

Strength to Give – ABMDR’s pilot recruitment campaign providing an easy way for non-blood donors to join the registry – is currently paused while we seek support to continue. Click here to find out more


Australian governments fund the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to recruit blood donors onto ABMDR’s stem cell register. ABMDR is not currently funded to recruit non-blood donors.

If you’re a blood donor between 18 and 45 years old call Lifeblood on 13 14 95 to make an appointment to donate blood and join the registry.

When you go to donate blood ask the nurse at reception for the ABMDR enrolment form and complete this document before donating blood.

When donating blood,  you will be asked to make a blood donation of 470 mL and an additional 20-30 mL of this will be collected for ABMDR to determine your tissue type.

For more information check the ABMDR Donor Brochure. The brochures are available at any Lifeblood Donor Centre. Click here to check  the address of  the Lifeblood donor centre near your area.

Welcome to the registry

Most likely, the next time the ABMDR will contact you will be if you are identified as a suitable match for a patient.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your name, address and contact details so that we can find you as quickly as possible if you are a suitable match.