The ABMDR facilitates access to ABMDR samples and data for the purpose of research. This is not necessarily limited to research in the field of haemopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) transplantation.

Types of primary research material and data available for research include:

ABMDR Repository

  • The ability to obtain fresh blood samples from ABMDR volunteer donors
  • Stored blood samples from ABMDR volunteer donors and matched patients
  • Donor cell lines and DNA

Donor Data

The ABMDR is currently reviewing and refreshing the underlying components of our IT systems. As a result of this work, the ABMDR is currently not able to support new research applications that require specialised data extracts from our search systems. This includes research that requires access to donors of a specific HLA.

We expect that this restriction will be in place for 2018, but we will review other options for extract database information, so if you have a study that does require a data extract, please contact the ABMDR research team.

Clinical trials involving matched donors and patients are not affected and will continue.

Access to ABMDR samples and data for research purposes is governed by the ABMDR Research Governance Committee  in collaboration with other organisations including:

Researchers are welcome to contact the ABMDR for more information about material and data availability.