World Marrow Donor Day - Thank you

There are over 200,000 donors on the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and more than 28 million registered marrow and cord blood donors worldwide.

On World Marrow Donor Day, we celebrate and thank our wonderful volunteer unrelated blood stem cell, bone marrow and cord blood donors. More than 350 life-changing transplants per year in Australia are made possible by their generosity.

At the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, we believe that there’s nothing like really seeing the impact a donation like this can have. Below are some stories from patients and donors whose lives have been changed by this incredible gift.

Thank you donors!

Jack, Donor

When the Bone Marrow Donor Centre called and said I had been matched I felt like I had a unique opportunity to really help someone in need. It’s not often you get that sort of call. The recipient didn’t need just anyone’s cells but specifically my cells because these had the best chance of success. I think this appeals to the little bit of vanity in all of us — almost as if donors have special powers in a time of need. But it also meant I was 100% committed to making the donation and I did not begrudge the minor aches and pains that came with it. When I think about it now I know I was in a wonderfully privileged position to help the recipient, and I wholeheartedly hope they are well.

Maggie, Recipient

Our little girl was 2 years old when diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia. Life involved regular blood transfusions and keeping away from the public so as not to catch infections. By age three she was in need of a bone marrow transplant.
The set-back of a sibling non-match was quickly overcome with the news that an unrelated matched donor had been found. We are forever grateful to the donor and to all persons listed on donor registries worldwide. You have given our daughter life. The BMT was a success and our little girl now lives a normal life. Thank you.


Craig, Donor

It is without hesitation I would donate again. Working closely with all personnel associated with the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, they made the experience as comfortable as possible. Their integrity, compassion and understanding are without question. An amazing experience working with amazing people.

Mariciel - a donor

Mariciel, Donor

It was almost nine years ago when I received that first phone call from ABMDR advising me that I could be a potential match. I remember thinking I hope I would be a match as I really would like the opportunity to help someone in need. The process was easy — I came in for a blood test soon after that phone call, received confirmation that I was definitely a match days later and within a few weeks I was donating. The donation itself took about 4 hours and after that, I was in a cab home with my thank you fruit basket. The donation process was painless and easy. Knowing that I helped someone made every minute of the experience worth it, and given the chance I would do it all again.
The staff at ABMDR were there along the way and provided me with all the information I needed. Being a donor has been extremely rewarding — I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good about having
helped anyone. I will always remember
that experience.